The topographical activities performed with traditional equipment (total station, theodolite, digital level, etc.) are those that require greater accuracy of execution to obtain the maximum precisions in the results.


The continuous technological update constitutes a further strength point, indeed the instrumentation supplied has also been implemented with APR Systems - Remote Piloted Aircraft to satisfy the needs of its customers in terms of time, respecting quality standards.


The bathymetric survey is performed to investigate precisely the morphological trend of watercourses, sea and lake bottoms. It is possible to perform bathymetric surveys with different degrees of precision and detail, depending on the characteristics of the sites, the purposes of the survey and the specific needs of the customer.


Technological innovation has been implemented with the introduction of laser scanners through which LIDAR surveys are performed. Thanks to the association between experience and new technologies, it is possible to obtain scenographic results, but at the same time of quality and high resolution.


The study of the territory also passes from the preparation of thematic maps represented on appropriate scales. Over the years, experience has been gained in the airport, land and maritime sectors.


The many challenges faced over the years have enabled us to undertake all the topographic and cartographic activities, where there is greater need to experience:

  • GPS positioning networks for small and large works;
  • Detailed topographic survey;
  • Topographical surveys of large areas with U.A.V. technology;
  • 3D measurements with Lidar System (Laser-Scanner);
  • Tracing of roads and railways, and other civil works;
  • Micrometric controls;
  • High precision levelling;
  • Bathymetric surveys with MultiBeam system;
  • Project of aeronautical charts OACI types A and B


The technological updating is another strong point, in fact it is used the latest generation devices (FARO Laser Scanner-X330 3D and APR systems equipment – Aircraft Pilot in Remote or UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, also called DRONE) to meet the needs of its customers both in terms of time and quality.

The use of both traditional and latest generation of topographical equipment enlarge the company areas of action:

  • create 3D models of inhabited centers and individual buildings;
  • create territorial cognitive frameworks quickly;
  • monitoring and control of quarries, landfills, landslides and polluted sites;
  • monitoring of civil and industrial structures;
  • topographic surveys of inaccessible areas;
  • topographic surveys of complicated road conditions;
  • 3D survey of archaeological sites and historical monuments;
  • support to the civil protection operations;
  • energy analysis with thermal cameras
  • inspection of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, electricity and rail lines.